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Kaunas 1st Music School, being an educational institution for children’s non-formal education and supplementing formal education, prepares its educational programs taking into account the currently valid recommendations of the Ministry of Education, guided by European practice and long-term experience of pedagogues. The school currently provides following educational programs:

Preschool music education program

1-2 years

…during which children have the opportunity to reveal their creative abilities and natural artistic powers. Children between age of 5-6 are accepted.

Primary musical education

4 years

…provides an opportunity to become familiar with the characteristics of the musical expression of a chosen musical field and a specific instrument. Students aged 7-9 are admitted to the program. Those who have completed the elementary music education program are issued school program completion certificates.

Basic musical education

4 years

…provides the basics of specific music field and instrument, creative and artistic medium. Develops practical skills of playing an instrument. Students who have completed the elementary music education program are admitted to the basic music education program. Certificates of non-formal child education issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports are issued to those who have completed the basic musical education program.

Extended musical education

4 years

…intended for students who want to master the artistic expression of the chosen instrument, accumulate knowledge of musical culture and further develop creative abilities. It provides an opportunity to continue public performance and competition activities localy  and abroad. Choice of a mandatory subjects of the program are more flexible.

Shortened education programs

Haven’t been able to admit at the age of 7? Have you just discovered that your child has a musical talent? No problem. The school may offer shortened educational programs. These are full-fledged primary and basic education programs lasting 6 years. They are like „compensatory” studies that enable the student to „catch up” with the 8-year program and leaves the possibility to continue with an extended musical education program.

*Not valid for piano and string instrument classes.

Primary musical education

2 years

Basic musical education

4 years

Extended musical education

4 years

Admission to Kaunas 1st musical school

Dear parents and future students of Kaunas 1st Music School, Having decided to link your musical future with the 1st music school in Kaunas (J. Gruodižio str. 25), we invite you to familiarize yourself with more detailed information about the organization of lessons, educational content, tuition fees, applicants to the music school and other relevant information provided by the deputy director for education,  Rasa Derbutienė (Call 8 603 09 634).

 Admission consists of a live interview and basic evaluation of child’s musical abilities and knowledge.

Further information about admission to the 1st Music School of Kaunas will be published from April 15, 2023.

Study fee payment procedure and rates

Payment procedure
Study fee rates


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